Custom CNC Turning (2 & 3 Axis)
Brand: Okuma Lathe
Travel: 14.5 inch diameter/23 inches long
Model: LB 25ii-2M


The Okuma LB 25II-2M lathe is a machine that is designed for high-precision turning of complex and challenging components. With a maximum turning diameter of 14.56 inches and a maximum turning length of 20.47 inches, it is capable of handling a wide range of turning projects with accuracy and speed.

In addition to its advanced control system, the Okuma LB 25II-2M lathe is also equipped with a range of cutting-edge tools and accessories, live tooling, and multiple-axis capabilities. This allows us to perform a wide range of turning operations, including drilling, tapping, boring, and threading, with speed and accuracy.

Brand: Ganesh Lathe
Travel: Turn 44inch diameter and 120 inch long parts
Model: GT 44120


The Ganesh GT 44120 lathe is a machine that is designed for precision turning of large components. With a maximum swing diameter of 44 inches and a maximum turning length of 120 inches, it is capable of handling a wide range of large turning projects heavy-duty components.

At our machine shop, we take pride in our ability to provide high-quality turning services using the latest tools and technologies. Our skilled technicians are trained to use the Ganesh GT 44120 lathe to its fullest potential, ensuring that every component we produce meets the highest standards of quality and precision.

HAAS Lathe SR-20
Brand: HAAS Lathe
Travel: 12 inch diameter/21 inches long
Model: ST-20

The HAAS Lathe ST-20 is built for precision. Components ensure exceptional accuracy in every machining task. Whether you’re turning, facing, or threading, you can count on the ST-20 to deliver consistent and reliable results.

The ST-20 offers a wide range of machining capabilities, making it suitable for various applications. From simple turning operations, this lathe can handle it all. Its generous turning diameter and length capacity provide ample room for your workpieces.

With rapid traverse rates and quick tool change capabilities, the HAAS Lathe ST-20 is designed for maximum productivity. Reduce downtime and increase throughput with this efficient CNC lathe.

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