Horizontal Band Saw Cutting
Model: 916s

Our DoAll model horizontal band saw is a versatile and reliable tool that is capable of cutting a wide range of materials with precision and speed. We can cut 9” x 13” material.

One of the key benefits of using our DoAll model band saw is its ability to produce clean and accurate cuts.

In addition to its precision, our DoAll model band saw is also incredibly efficient. It is capable of cutting through materials quickly and with minimal waste, which helps to reduce production time and costs.


Surface Grinding
Brand: Thompson
Model: 2f
Travel: 8inch by 32inch

Thompson surface grinding is a precision grinding method that uses a flat, horizontal grinding wheel to produce a smooth and precise surface finish. This method is ideal for grinding large or heavy parts that require tight tolerances and a high level of precision.

At our machine shop, we specialize in Thompson surface grinding. Our technicians have years of experience in surface grinding and are experts at producing high-quality finishes that meet the strictest industry standards.

Single and Dual-plane Spin Balancer
Brand: Winona Van Norman
Model: Crank Shaft Balancer

Balancing is a critical step in the manufacturing process for many types of machinery and components, as it helps to ensure that they operate smoothly and efficiently. The Winona Van Norman spin balancer is a highly advanced tool that is designed to accurately measure and correct any imbalances in rotating components.

Our balancer is ideal for balancing components such as flywheels, pulleys, and rotors. It uses sensors to measure any imbalances and display the location and amount needed removed to allow us to achieve a perfectly balanced component.

At our machine shop, we have the experience and expertise to provide precision balancing services for a wide range of components and machinery. Our skilled technicians are trained to use the Winona Van Norman spin balancer to its fullest potential, ensuring that every component we balance meets the highest standards of quality and performance.


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